Keeping Your Office Clean: What You Need to Know

What Is a Commercial Cleaning Service?  

Office cleaning can be easy to overlook, but it is one of the most important ways to maintain the health and safety of your employees and clients. Office cleaning simply means cleaning a commercial building instead of a domestic or home setting. A commercial cleaning service involves a wide array of cleaning services tailored specifically for a commercial office to create a safe, clean work environment. 

Office cleaning services include: 

  • Window cleaning (inside and outside) 
  • Jet washing
  • Cladding and render cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Rubbish removal
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Replenishing paper towels, soap, and other essentials
  • Disinfecting fogging or misting

What Is Included in an Office or Workspace Clean?  

Keeping your office clean and disinfected is especially important, especially in a post-pandemic world. Learning how to keep an office space clean and what cleaning methods are best will give you the most pristine workspace.

Steps to take to clean your office space include: 

Disinfecting: The surface areas in and around our desks can contain a lot of germs, dust, and grime. It’s important to disinfect the mouse, keyboard, phone, headset, mouthpiece, and desk with a disinfecting spray. 

Dusting: Take a damp microfiber cloth and use it to completely wipe down all the surfaces in your office space. Make sure to wipe down the windowsills, desk, fan blades, computer screen, and any picture frames on your desk. 

Vacuuming: Taking the time to vacuum your space will help to remove dust and debris. Work from the top to bottom of the office space, and don’t forget about hard-to-reach areas such as behind the desks and along the walls. 

Following these steps nightly with a deep clean once a month helps you keep your office space clean and sanitary.

Why You Need to Keep Your Office Clean

With a thorough office cleaning, you can rest easy knowing you are creating a healthier working environment. This benefits both you and your employees as it means fewer sick days and more productivity. 

Maintaining a clean office space offers benefits including:

  • Creates a safe environment: Regular office servicing creates a safer environment for your employees and clients. Cleaning removes germs, bacteria, and dust, which can carry dangerous viruses. Many offices hire quality cleaning services to maintain a healthy and safe environment year-round. 
  • A professional-looking workspace: With regular janitorial services, your office will have a pristine and polished appearance. This is especially important when you meet with clients in your office space. Keeping the main office area, including restrooms, clean with regular office cleaning is the key to making a great first impression. 
  • Pest prevention: Office cleaning is critical to control the spread of pests in your office. When food crumbs and debris build-up, they can attract pests over time. With regular office cleaning, you can keep your space clean and keep pests at bay. 
  • Improve employee productivity: A clean workspace can do wonders to improve employee morale, which equates to happier employees and greater productivity. Regularly cleaning your office space sends a message of value and care to your employees and creates a positive working environment. 

Domestic cleaning differs from office cleaning based on methods and techniques. Office cleaning on a regular schedule helps maintain health and cleanliness and creates a safe work environment. Domestic cleaning is also important, but a strict schedule isn’t as crucial as with commercial cleaning services. 

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